Detective Sloth

Detective Sloth is the city’s top detective, solving crimes and catching goons with extreme efficiency. Though physically slow, Sloth benefits from a quick wit and a relentless drive to rid the city of crime. After serving in the military as a special operations sniper, Sloth joined the Metro Police Department as a SWAT sharpshooter. From there, he quickly climbed the ranks of the force, graduating as the youngest detective ever to grace the city’s streets. He sports an extraordinarily keen intellect, superior marksmanship skills, and legendary patience. As a sloth, he is a distinguished climber, a surprisingly competent swimmer, and can also turn his head almost 180 degrees for expert surveillance.


The Captain

The Captain is a veteran of the force and a mentor to Detective Sloth. He remains level-headed in the most extreme of circumstances and sometimes acts as a hostage negotiator. As the leader of the precinct, the Captain wears his rank as a nickname as well as a designation of seniority. He is an excellent marksman as well as a deft problem solver. Although the Captain faces the utmost responsibility in managing the precinct, he retains a disarming ability to find humor in even the direst of situations.


Vivienne Durand

Vivienne is a paralegal and aspiring lawyer for the District Attorney’s office. After Detective Sloth rescued Vivienne from a potential mugging, the duo have enjoyed a primarily professional relationship.



Bug is the Department’s resident computer expert. Born Arthur Melody IV, his insectoid nickname is derived from the name designated to him by Detective Sloth, “Bug Eyes”. Bug is a master of computer systems and programming, and oversees the majority of the precinct’s various surveillance and data operations. In addition to his technological expertise, Bug is an extremely efficient problem solver, and frequently assists in investigations that have stumped lesser minds.


The Dolphin

The Dolphin is the most mysterious and revered crime boss in the city. Little is known about his identity or whereabouts. Despite his ethereal nature, the Dolphin’s influence is felt throughout the criminal underworld.