Hello good people of the internet! After a long break, Detective Sloth is back in action! Here is his not-so-triumphant return! I find it pretty funny that most of the volume of sloths come from their fur, when they get wet they look like weird mop skeleton aliens… because they have no muscle mass. I’m sure I’ll come up with a “ladies ‘volumizing’ shampoo” joke somewhere down the line (if that shampoo is actually a thing). As a side note, I’ll be the first to admit my art on this comic is wildly inconsistent, but I’m fairly proud of this one, and I think I’ll be experimenting a little bit (as hinted at by that first panel). Anyways, I’m getting back into the slothy swing of things after a big move, and I’ll hopefully be catching you guys weekly for the foreseeable future! So, for all returning sloth fans, welcome back, and for any newbies out there, welcome for the first time! Enjoy!