CONTINUED FROM DS #40! Hi guys! This one was a real beast. I thought I might’ve bitten off more than I could chew with the art on this one, but I think I did a pretty good job of going above and beyond what I normally put out. This is a damn long comic for one week, and I’m proud of it. Anyways, looks like the Dolphin’s got a new hit team! They’re going to be another rival for our hero. I’m not sure if the concept of ninja mimes is too original (I don’t remember seeing it anywhere, but I can’t have been the only one who has thought of it). Silent and deadly! We’re going to have to see how DS overcomes his speed limitations to fight such foes! Side note: sorry if this comic doesn’t load properly on Apple mobile devices, I know they have some weird restrictions on image sizes they can display. Anyways, I’ll catch up with you dudes next week!