Hello good people of the internet! This week’s comic is a bit of a microcosm of one of the mission parameters I had in my head when I started this thing: toe the line between cuteness and badassery. I think sloths are uniquely qualified to fulfill this goal. Hope you guys dig little Sloth, I think he’s kinda cute. We might be seeing more of him in the future (Young Sloth Adventures?). It was actually more difficult than you’d imagine to make a younger and slightly older looking version of the stylized sloths I draw, mostly because they don’t have all that much detail and most of the markers that we associate with age on humans don’t really exist on sloths. Oh well. In other news, we’re building steam! Like DS on the left for weekly updates and other random ramblings. Also, I’m planning on actually starting to use that Twitter! Until next week!