CONTINUED FROM DS #33! Starting off 2013 with a boom! I think “Slothmode Engaged” is going become Sloth’s catchphrase when he thinks no one is around… sort of like he whispers it to himself to get in the zone. Apparently sloths have a great sense of smell, mostly because their other senses aren’t all that great and they need some kind of defense mechanism. Anyway, I tried some little things out with texture overlays in here, just a quick and dirty way to add some interest to the art. I think it’s going to keep evolving as I go, we’ll see what happens! It’s amazing how drug dealers will try to trick police, huh? Sloth keeps getting stopped in his tracks in his investigations, but he’ll find a way to get to the bottom of the city’s criminal activity. Hope you guys haven’t abandoned your New Year’s resolutions yet. Until next week!